Semalt: Free Web Scrapers For Programmers

If you have ever needed to pull data from third-party sites, the chances are you prefer official APIs. However, there are some web scrapers on the internet that can make your work easier, and as a programmer or developer, you can extract data from as many sites as you want.

1. Data Scraper:

Data Scraper is a simple yet powerful and useful web scraping program. It not only scrapes images and texts but also analyzes lists and tables from a single or multiple pages. Then, this tool converts or saves the data extracted to XLS and CSV files. It is free of cost and comes with plenty of features. However, programmers and professional developers should use its paid version that comes with a lot of features and doesn't require any coding.

2. Web Scraper:

Web Scraper is a Chrome extension that can be easily integrated with your Google Chrome browser. It allows users to create sitemaps to show the way a site should be navigated and the type of data you need to scrape. Programmers and developers just need to add this extension to their Chrome and start extracting data.

3. Scraper:

When it comes to data extraction, developers and programmers have to face with lots of challenges. However, with Scraper, their work can be done quicker and easier than ever. This is an easy-to-use web scraper that can extract data in the form of tables, images, lists, and texts. You just need to click on the Scrape button from its top right menu and let this tool do its work.

4. Octoparse:

Octoparse comes with powerful options and is one of the best web scrapers on the internet. It can easily handle your static and dynamic sites with AJAX, cookies, and Javascript. You just need to download this program and activate it. It will also hide the content you may not want to extract, and its cloud service enables you to extract a huge amount of data within a few minutes.

5. ParseHub:

Parsehub is a famous web scraping program that collects data from sites and blogs that use JavaScript, cookies and AJAX technology. It has a unique machine learning technology that can read, evaluate, transform and analyze your relevant data without any problem.

6. Visual Scraper:

Visual Scraper is great for those who want to extract images and video files. It is a free web scraper that comes with a simple point-and-click interface and is widely used to collect relevant data from the internet. You will get the real-time data from the desired pages and export it in the form of XML, CSV, SQL, and JSON.

7. Outwit Hub:

This freeware comes with plenty of features and best suited for your Windows, Linux and other operating systems. It will let you scrape data from more than fifty thousand web pages. However, the premium version can scrape over 130,000 web pages without any issue.


Also known as CloudScrape, is a famous browser-based web scraper. It lets users scrape data and provides three different types of robots to get the work done easily. It can perform tasks related to crawling, extraction and data piping.

9. is a freeware that provides us with anonymous web proxy server and gets the work done as soon as possible. It doen't only scrape your sites but also archives data; it means you won't have to worry about losing the useful information as it will be saved in its Archive folder.